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Dancing with the night

Dancing with the night

Dancing with the night in my arms
and collecting the spring

Don’t leave me alone, restless restlessness, disguised as night. Stay always with me. Dance with me. Please. Send me a message, get me safe, open that door in the sky above us. With you, my dear restless restlessness, I find myself in a state of depressing beauty, like an animal at sunset that has neither rain nor thirst nor earth. He does poems with his eyes. He makes an invisible wind. I get cold. Put a fur of darkness and stars on my shoulders. Make me invisible, dear restless restlessness, so that no one can see me in this non-sensory universe. We enter a field of peace and you, please, continue to dance with me, hold me in your arms, stay with me.

Suddenly the light.

Gems and flowers appear at the knees, at the elbows, in all my recesses. I take a break and harvest the spring around me. I put it in my pocket, behind my ears, in my hair, in my sleeves, in my shoes. I don't want to lose it anymore. I don't lose it anymore. Beautiful spring.
And I feel alive.
With wings.