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Beginning from here

Beginning from here

I start from here, from a seed.

A seed that also contains for centuries, if necessary, all its potential waiting for the right time, the ideal conditions for sprouting.

This new blog is made to help us create inside of us a warm welcome, smoothness and comfort in order to create the ideal conditions to sprout. To rediscover our authentic part. To rediscover the connection with the energy of the Source. To align mind, heart, soul and body. To grow up. Thrive. Cuddle the Mother Earth. Get pampered by Mother Earth. All this with poetry and poetic gestures, in a light, pleasant, engaging, exciting, respectful, airy, introspective, easy, slow, in line with the Whole way.

It's a since a few days that my knee is hurting, so this morning I did not go jogging, but simply I went for walk in the woods near my house. It is one of the first cold days of this autumn, after three weeks of rain. Gloves and a cap would have kept me warm, walking, but I was taken by surprise by the low temperatures. Even the lake, which showed itself in the distance, vibrated with cold tones. The dried, curled leaves of chestnut trees, maples, and ash trees rustled beneath my feet. I felt like a queen with a long dress of multi-layered ones to rumble around my ankles. Like when I dreamt of being a princess when I was a child, and all her kingship occupied my slim body. It is of this kingship that I want to take care of myself. As well as of the rustling leaves. Of the seeds I found on the sides of the wooded paths. And of simplicity. Of the connection with the Earth. And with Heaven. Of trust in something much bigger than us. Of time, here and now. And much more.

But I start from here, from a seed.

I will learn from the small seeds that already have within them the nourishment to get by during the first days of life, the confidence to express what they are, to take root, to always find nourishment and to rely on the waves of the seasons. I will learn the patience it takes to change. To express myself. To become a tree starting from a seed. I will be grateful for every little progress and I will celebrate it, as well as I will honour every step forward, but also those backwards, which are part of an evolution. I will wait, together with the small seeds, the good moment to open, to open my heart, so my evolution will begin, and I will discover more every day my authentic part, my light, the whispers of my soul, the voices of my intuition. To hear what my soul aspires to. What is good for my heart. Introspection, creativity, spirituality. It's a lot, I realize. But I have time.

We have time.

Long time to create the ideal conditions to  sprout, time to take root, to grow. One thing will converge in the other and if we can find ourselves and stay faithful, everything will be very simple, like dancing with life at the beat of the earth. Simple as breathing. Spontaneous and intuitive. And when it will be difficult, when we forget to simply let ourselves be carried away by the flow of life, then we will be supported by the life vests that we will build along this path.

Seek your seed, let us take each other's hand and tread this journey together.